Carnival On Board Credit Sale


Carnival is having an On Board Credit sale! You can receive up two $50 in On Board Credit, per Stateroom! Please note Onboard Credit may not be applied to cruise fare or Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses.

The booking window is September 21st-October 2nd, for sailings through December of this year. Don’t let this offer get away, by calling us at 281-416-3771! #sjdtravelwithus #carnival


Using us vs The Internet


Ever do a search on a Vacation, but get a million results? Well when you use us we can help narrow the search.

Our service is free and we take the stress of booking it yourself, out of the equation. Plus using us if something went wrong, or you want to make any changes we are on the other end of the line to help. .

So why put that burden of booking your trip by yourself, when you can call us at 281-416-3771. We don’t have clients, we have VIP’s (Very Important Passengers), and we’d love to have your clientel.

Check us out at a look at our website and call us. #sjdtravelwithus

Carnival: Fall into Savings


Fall into savings with Carnival, they have great rates on available Sailings through September 2018. The booking window is September 6th, 2016-October 31st, 2016. Please note offer is for cruise fare ONLY, it does not include Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses.

So give us a call at 281-416-3771, and let us help you Fall into Savings! #Carnival #sjdtravelwithus


Have you ever imagined yourself traveling around the world, and seeing all the wonderous places? We can help you do that. Our service is free, if you ever need anything we are on the other end of the line ready to help.

We don’t have customers or clients, we have VIP’s (Very Important Passengers), so if you have any travel plans or know somebody who is looking to travel. Give us a call at 281-416-3771 today. #SJDTravelWithUs

Packing Issues

Some of the common issues when packing, is wondering if you have packed too much or too little. When I go somewhere, I wonder if I have enough. Then I arrive to realize I have left something at home. How about y’all, do y’all have any packing issues you would like to share?