The Travel Agent Myth


You could be travelling anywhere, insert destination where it says Europe and the message would be the same. Although Europe is a pretty awesome place to travel too, and something we can help you with.

Picture this, you’ve had a long week at work, you’ve got deadline, goals to reach and the boss just won’t let up. You can’t remember the last time you took some “me” time, but you know those vacation days you’ve earned are catching dust somewhere in the back of your mind.

So you decide it’s time, it’s time to head out and have some fun. Maybe in the sun sipping a cocktail, maybe it’s in a far away city to learn some culture, or maybe it’s on a ship with every amenity to hand.


Where do you start? The internet? but how do you know what you’re looking for, there are some many choices. So many pretty pictures of people having fun, fun you should be having. You sit down and start surfing, the next time you look up it’s midnight and you don’t know whether you want to have fun in Acapulco, let it stay in Las Vegas, vacation like you mean it.

There’s too much choice, and no one to help you through the mire. So, you settle on what looks like it’s an awesome trip, but how do you know? Because the description said so, but what if it’s not completely accurate?

What if you get to this great destination and there is construction right outside your balcony.

What if the picture you viewed was taken by a long-ranged camera and is actually the property 3 miles from where you’re actually at.

What if you could’ve got a better rate, better amenities, better excursions elsewhere.

That’s where your travel professional comes in. THE MYTH OF A TRAVEL AGENT IS WE DON’T COST YOU MONEY, WE SAVE YOU MONEY. We also do all the work for you, Here at Dream Vacations we listen to you, to what you like, what you don’t. What you see when you close your eyes and imagine that dream place you’re hoping to go to.

Then, with that knowledge we find just what you spent hours trying to whittle down. We take care of your air, transfers, excursions, and desires. When you those advertised prices on the internet saying from, you know it isn’t going to be that price right?

With a travel professional we will always give you options, and also options to protect your investment, because that what a Dream Vacations is, an investment. Can you afford to get it wrong?

You can afford the travel agent, because the travel agent is free. The service is priceless, and the dream is real.

We want to be your travel specialist, call us today.


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