It’s Been a Fun First Week

IMG_2224Our first week as business owners is coming to a close. It’s been fun, at times a little confusing. Then there were some minor frustrating elements.
I have a small piece of advice for all you non techies out there, if the paper in your printer gets jammed, don’t use salad tongs to try and remove it!

Our newly set up office that looked so pristine and tidy when we returned home on Sunday, now it looks like the Tasmanian devil has come through it, high on super caffeinated drink. But fun, I don’t care what it looks like as long as I’m finding Dream Vacations at great rates for our clients.

The weekend is almost her. If you’ve had a hum drum week, the boss has been on your back all day, every day. If you’re dreaming of putting your feet in the sand, with a large cocktail with a funky umbrella in your hand.

We can help you with that, don’t spend hours on the internet getting frustrated, put your feet do the work. You won’t regret it when you’re watching the ocean lap the shore, and the only worry you have is do you stroll along the beach, or swim in the sea.


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