The Travel Agent Myth


You could be travelling anywhere, insert destination where it says Europe and the message would be the same. Although Europe is a pretty awesome place to travel too, and something we can help you with.

Picture this, you’ve had a long week at work, you’ve got deadline, goals to reach and the boss just won’t let up. You can’t remember the last time you took some “me” time, but you know those vacation days you’ve earned are catching dust somewhere in the back of your mind.

So you decide it’s time, it’s time to head out and have some fun. Maybe in the sun sipping a cocktail, maybe it’s in a far away city to learn some culture, or maybe it’s on a ship with every amenity to hand.


Where do you start? The internet? but how do you know what you’re looking for, there are some many choices. So many pretty pictures of people having fun, fun you should be having. You sit down and start surfing, the next time you look up it’s midnight and you don’t know whether you want to have fun in Acapulco, let it stay in Las Vegas, vacation like you mean it.

There’s too much choice, and no one to help you through the mire. So, you settle on what looks like it’s an awesome trip, but how do you know? Because the description said so, but what if it’s not completely accurate?

What if you get to this great destination and there is construction right outside your balcony.

What if the picture you viewed was taken by a long-ranged camera and is actually the property 3 miles from where you’re actually at.

What if you could’ve got a better rate, better amenities, better excursions elsewhere.

That’s where your travel professional comes in. THE MYTH OF A TRAVEL AGENT IS WE DON’T COST YOU MONEY, WE SAVE YOU MONEY. We also do all the work for you, Here at Dream Vacations we listen to you, to what you like, what you don’t. What you see when you close your eyes and imagine that dream place you’re hoping to go to.

Then, with that knowledge we find just what you spent hours trying to whittle down. We take care of your air, transfers, excursions, and desires. When you those advertised prices on the internet saying from, you know it isn’t going to be that price right?

With a travel professional we will always give you options, and also options to protect your investment, because that what a Dream Vacations is, an investment. Can you afford to get it wrong?

You can afford the travel agent, because the travel agent is free. The service is priceless, and the dream is real.

We want to be your travel specialist, call us today.


Have You Earned Your Free Money Yet?

To kick start the merry month of May, we are pleased to announce our fabulous referral program.

Do you want to earn $50 for doing nothing more than helping your friends, family & co-workers go on their Dream Vacation? You do?

From April 27th to May 31st 2016, if you refer someone to our services and they book a vacation with us, either land or sea for more than $4,500.00 we will reward you with a $50.00 Visa gift card.

Simple, and free to enter.

Pass this on, share the love with everyone.

Call us: 281-416-3441

Toll Free: 1-866-224-2728

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  1. To qualify for the gift card, the value of the vacation booked must be $4,500.00 or more excluding any applicable taxes, port fees (cruise) and domestic air fares.
  2. The person booking the vacation must give at the time of booking, referrers name and either email or phone number. Failure to do so invalidates the referral.
  3. The vacation must be booked before May 31st 2016, and travel dates be before December 31st 2016.
  4. Any cancellation, or non travel forfeits the referral bonus.
  5. Payments of gift cards will be made within 30 days of travel dates.
  6. There is no limit to how many referrals can be made within the qualifying dates, however all of the above rules apply.
  7. All travel must be taken before December 31st 2016, all major vendor promotions, upgrades, amenities qualified for at the time of booking are not affected by this program.
  8. Only one referrer can be entered for each booking.
  9. Agent has the right to disqualify a referrer if they are deemed ineligible. 



Our Trip to NYC

Sam and I have just got back from our weekend trip to the wonderful Big Apple. We celebrated Sam’s birthday, and caught up with our daughter Laura, her boyfriend David and met our first grand puppy Lilo for the first time.

It was a time for family, fun, catch up and adventure. NYC does not disappoint, nor does it stop. Right from the get go we hit the ground running. From the crazy (almost death defying) ride in our yellow cab up to Yonkers. To our people watching trips on the metro to get into the city, it started with a bang and never stopped.

You meet some in the train! We were treat to an awesome busker playing the drums. He drummed up beat African music, to soulful Christian tunes. He was good.

We then took in the sites of the harbor, took  obligatory pictures of Lady Liberty and watched as the river cruises ferried tourists around the shore all from the vantage point of a great restaurant called Pier A. Fabulous food, even if I got confused when she asked what temperature I wanted my burger! I think hot, what she meant was how did I like my burger cooked. Oh!

Then we took in the tour at One World Observatory. Oh my goodness, the elevator ride was worth the admission price alone. This is one stop not to miss, seriously. The 360 degree view of the city was stunning. The iPad you could rent (a mere $15) that gave information on NYC’s landmarks, to the elevator ride back down was brilliant.

Saturday, we went back to the city, it was show time. Almost Rotten, this show is one to put on your list. I laughed till I cried. Shakespeare, I will never look at you the same again, forsooth I shall not….see what I did? To get that joke, you have to see the show.

I got to hang out with my favorite Bond, Daniel.

Then it was back to Yonkers, and the Irish bars and the friendly banter and Irish fare. We even had an Irish breakfast in the best Irish coffee shop there is.

Sunday we were off to the Bronx Zoo. If you love zoo’s, and who doesn’t, this is the one for you. $33 seemed a little steep, until we covered the miles, the animals and the experiences that this wonderful zoo gives. I loved it, it was amazing. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…Oh my. It had everything.

Take a look at some of the pictures. It was a great trip, and precious memories were made. If you are looking for a city trip, and like the hustle and bustle of a busy city that doesn’t sleep, but want to add in some small town charm. We can help you plan that. Call us, and let us help you plan those memories.

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Our Pledge

This is our pledge to you. Every Client, Every Day, Every time.


For ALL your travel needs, be it Land, Sea, Short City Break or a Few Months. Call us, we are here for you

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Fabulous eBrochures now available


Fabulous news, we’ve added links to our web page that will allow you easy access to some fabulous online brochures. These are All Inclusive beautiful resorts, you just have to pick your dream destination.

Are you dreaming of Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Cuba? They are all there.

There is also some great special offers too. Iberostar are running a great special where you can earn up to $500 in resort credit, that’s just one great offer. Take a look, share it with your family, friends, neighbors. If you find a resort that you just simply love, call us.

Why trawl the internet looking for that dream vacation, let us do it for you. Personal service is our guarantee to you. We are not simply travel agents, we are innovators of memories and facilitators of dreams.

Call: 281-416-3771 or Toll Free: 1-866-224-2728

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Was this your commute this morning?

Was this your commute this morning in Houston & the surrounding areas? Did you even manage it out of the door? Wouldn’t you like to change the above image an be somewhere like this?

If you do, we can help you with that. Call us today 281-416-3771 or visit our website



It’s Been a Fun First Week

IMG_2224Our first week as business owners is coming to a close. It’s been fun, at times a little confusing. Then there were some minor frustrating elements.
I have a small piece of advice for all you non techies out there, if the paper in your printer gets jammed, don’t use salad tongs to try and remove it!

Our newly set up office that looked so pristine and tidy when we returned home on Sunday, now it looks like the Tasmanian devil has come through it, high on super caffeinated drink. But fun, I don’t care what it looks like as long as I’m finding Dream Vacations at great rates for our clients.

The weekend is almost her. If you’ve had a hum drum week, the boss has been on your back all day, every day. If you’re dreaming of putting your feet in the sand, with a large cocktail with a funky umbrella in your hand.

We can help you with that, don’t spend hours on the internet getting frustrated, put your feet do the work. You won’t regret it when you’re watching the ocean lap the shore, and the only worry you have is do you stroll along the beach, or swim in the sea.

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog. We are very excited about our new adventure, that is what life is about. Adventures, Memories & Dreams.

We are not just travel agents, we are innovators of memories. The facilitators of dreams.


With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming. We work as your value interpreter. Using our expertise, we find you amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget. With our services, you can be confident that your vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle free & filled with moments you’ll never forget.

An innovator of memories costs you nothing, we do all the ground work for you. This leaves you to close your eyes, and imagine the memories you are going to make.

Where are you going next? Call us today to make it happen, in the most hassle free way possible.

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